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What is a pawtrait?

So what goes into a pet pawtrait shoot with me… keep reading and I’ll explain the process for creating that lasting memory .

I am a very much into making the client experience one that is fun and memorable, part of this is making sure that the shoot day is as stress free as possible. For me this means getting as much information about your expectations and your fur baby as I can before the shoot, so on the day it is all about getting the best photos of your fur baby.

So the first thing after you make contact with me is we’ll arrange a suitable time for a no obligation zoom call so we can have a chat over a virtual cuppa and I can find out what it is you want from the photoshoot and we can cover the basics and discuss the options available.

As I said these calls are no obligation, I just like to add that personal touch to my photoshoots, even before they are booked. If you decide that you do want to go ahead and book a shoot with me, we can then sort out the booking fee and I will then send over the contract and a questionnaire so that I can find out everything about your fur baby. 

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When I have the contract and questionnaire returned we will have another zoom call to so that we can finalise the details for the shoot, my little black book will come out for this one so that I can take any extra notes that are needed and make sure that I will have all the info I need for the shoot. .

The sort of things that are covered in the questionnaire are...

Who is your fur baby

What is their personality like

What quirks do they have

What are their favourite words

What are their favourite treats

Where is the shoot to be... and more

These are just an idea of what I’ll be asking, the main thing is I find out as much  as I can about you and your fur baby so that the shoot can be a fun and stress free time for everyone. Its so important that creating these memories is also a memory for you. 

The next step... Pawtrait day!!

On the day of the shoot, I’ll usually aim to arrive a bit before the shoot time just so that any excitement can be got out of the way so it doesn’t cut into the session, this also helps if you have a nervy fur baby so that some trust can be built (over a treat or two). It also means we can have a chat over a cuppa (strong black coffee) so you can ask anything or give me some info that we might not have already covered.

With that done and armed with all the info we have covered in the calls its time to get down to work, for me on these shoots its so important to make sure that the shoots are an enjoyable experience for all, especially the star of the show. If at any time during the shoot there are signs that your fur baby is getting stressed or they look like they just need time out from the camera then we will have a break and let them chill for a bit or run off the stress. After all they are the star of the day, so they have to be happy.

Oh and if I end up with muddy pawprints on me... That's just fine, its just them leaving their signature.   

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The next step is for me to process and edit the photos for your online gallery. In other words, making sure your fur baby looks amazing.

This would usually take a maximum of 7 days from the shoot. 

As soon the photos are all done I’ll give you access to your gallery so that you can choose the photos that you want to complete the package. If there are any photos that you want tweaked then I’m happy to look at those and give you an option of edits. 

My current business model is to offer the high res images for you to download, the number is dependant on the package that you choose. Extra images can be purchased after the shoot for £10 or you can buy the complete gallery for an agreed price depending on the number of photos there are. These will then be either sent to you via a link or made available to download.

While there are no products included in the packages at the moment (this may change) You can choose to order prints/canvases from me if you would like to. These will be from my "approved" printers. This can be discussed after the shoot and I can give you ideas as to what would look good. (I am a big fan of canvas prints, they really show your fur baby off nicely)

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