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What is a pawtrait?

So what goes into a pet pawtrait shoot with me… keep reading and I’ll explain the process for creating that lasting memory .

The first thing after you make contact with me is we’ll arrange a suitable time for a call (if you prefer mail or messaging that’s also fine) to talk about your pet and what you want to get out of the shoot.

My little black book (my holy grail) will come out so I can make notes to refer back to before the shoot.

I’ll ask things like…

What level of training has 🐾 (this is how I’ll refer to the pet in this) had… tho for cats I’ll assume they are still training you…

Does 🐾 have any habits I should know about

Does 🐾 have a favourite treat (bribery is sometimes the only way)

Where do you want the shoot to take place? Home, favourite walk that kind of thing.

These are just an idea of what I’ll be asking, the main thing is I find out as much about 🐾 before the day so I can come prepared and make it a fun time for  🐾 and a no stress one for you.

Once I’ve got all the info I need we can then go on to arrange a day and time for the pawtrait. We can also discuss the standard package, or if you are feeling adventurous create a personalised one for you.

If you’ve got a nervy 🐾 then we can discuss meeting before so that 🐾 can meet me and see I’m a friend not a chew toy.

After everything is agreed I’ll send you over the contract and then when that’s returned signed it’s all systems go.

On the day of the shoot, I’ll usually aim to arrive a bit before the shoot time just so that any excitement can be got out of the way so it doesn’t cut into the session. It also means we can have a chat over a cuppa (strong black coffee) so you can ask anything or give me some info that we might not have already covered.

So that's the photos taken...

The next step is I’ll head home to process and edit the photos for your online gallery.

This would usually take about 7 days from the shoot. As agreed there will be approx 20 photos in the gallery, or more if 🐾 is a superstar.

As soon the photos are all done I’ll give you access to your gallery so that you can choose the photos that you want to complete the package. If there are any photos that you want tweaked then I’m happy to look at those and give you an option of edits.

After deliberating, choosing and then changing your mind, you’ve made your choice you can either order the products directly from your gallery or thru me and  I can then place the order directly with my printers, and depending on your location I can either have them delivered straight to your door or I can personally drop them off. If there is a product that you have seen before but its not in the gallery option. Give me a shout and I will try and I should be able to source a similar product.

Now that your order is complete, I’ll also send you social media size images from your gallery so you can share them with your friends.