One of my favourite ways to display photos for maximum impact is canvas prints wrapped on to frames. They just look so awesome on the wall and are a great talking point. 

Because of this I wanted to find a supplier who ticked all the boxes I had for them. After spending a few months looking into the various suppliers for canvas prints  (and there are a lot) and being let down on a couple of occasions,  I have finally found the one that has a good balance between price, quality and turnaround. This way I can offer the canvas prints on my site with the quality that I want my photos to be seen at. 

You won't find my photos for sale anywhere else, they are all unique to my website.

The canvases are available wrapped on to a timber frame of either 20mm and 38mm thickness. All the prices shown below are for the 20mm thick. This is my preference as I think it gives them just enough ooomph. However if you are interested in the 38mm thick ones I can get prices for you.

The edges of the the canvas can be mirror (as shown in the images) or a solid colour. The edge colours are typically black or white, but can be another colour if requested. There is a laminate the canvas surface for the ultimate protection. No cracking, water resistant, cleanable, scratch proof and UV protection. A heavyweight canvas is used producing vibrant colour and superb black and white images. 

The cavasses come ready to hang, and being lightweight they can be hung from any wall with no problems at all.

The sizes shown below are examples, other sizes are available up to a maximum of 36" x 36" or 60" x 36".

Orders for canvases need to be done thru' me. You can either select from the ones in the galleries below which will always be added to and updated, or by letting me know which photo you want from any of the galleries on my website. Payment can be by either PayPal or Credit/Debit card (I will send a payment link with your order invoice)

Postage prices shown are for UK mainland, please ask for other locations. 

I am currently running a Spring 2022 offer with a 15% discount on all canvas sizes! (Not including the delivery costs)

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