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As mentioned in the video I posted on my social media, here is the juicy info about the competition that I am running.

With the year that we have all had, and with Christmas, New Year and a big birthday for me in January all on the way, I thought I would run a little competition to give something back. 

Entry is open from now until the 10th January 2022, then I will be going thru all the entries to pick the winners. 

How to enter... This is simple, just click the "enter competition" button below and you will be taken to the entry form. This consists of a few questions about you and your business, should only take a couple of minutes to fill out. 

What are the prizes... 

1st Prize is a 3 hour Premium Brand Photo Shoot, worth £695!!

2nd Prize is 50% off a 3 hour Premium Brand Photo Shoot 

3rd Prize, two of these, and you can book a 3 hour Premium Brand Photo Shoot for a £50 booking fee instead of the usual 50% of shoot cost booking fee (remainder of shoot cost due before the shoot)     

This competition is open to all businesses, entrepreneurs. online coaches & mentors. All I ask is that you are based in the UK. 

So you have till 10th of January to get those entries in. 

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