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For this blog I am going to be highlighting some of the key benefits of having a personal brand photoshoot for you and your business...

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One of the most important things for business in the digital world is being visible. Being seen by your potential clients, and being seen before your competition. Currently in the UK there are some 2000 new businesses registered every day... That's a lot of competition, and its growing every day.

You need to stand out from the rest.

The best way to do that is thru consistency, posting on your social media every day. So that your potential clients can see you and get to know you. Its well known that people will buy from people they know, like and trust.

What does this mean? As people we are attracted to people we like, this is no different when we are in the position that we a buying a product or a service. Where there are choices for who we buy from, we will always be drawn to the one that makes us feel good, or feel valued as a customer. A lot of the time we won't even realise that we are doing that, its just how we work. So with consistent posting and letting your potential clients see who you are, not just as a business but as a person, you will pull your "ideal client" towards you. 

A personal brand photoshoot will give you the content to do just this. 

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Looking professional as well as approachable is also a must do for businesses. But you also have to be yourself, there is no point in having images taken that don't show who you are and what you do, because it won't look or be authentic. This is why the process to create the shoot for you is both in depth and thorough with no stone left unturned. That way the real you will shine thru! 

A personal brand photoshoot will give you a  bank of professional photos to draw from for your content. These photos will be 100% bespoke to you, your business and your brand and will make you instantly recognisable every time you post. The photos will not only show what you do, but who you are. They will also give potential clients an insight into the level of service that they will be getting from you, through the storytelling side of the photos. This is a huge benefit to increasing the engagement you have with both potential and existing client. 

Being consistent means not only in posting regularly, but having consistency in the visual content of the posts. 

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Confidence is a huge thing in business. If you are lacking in confidence it will show, and that could be the factor that sends a potential client to one of your competitors. Every business owner, be they new or established will always have a "wobble" in confidence at some point. For some people it is a big concern, and this can impact in both your business and personal life. 

By seeing yourself and your business in a set of professional images can be a huge boost to your confidence. Seeing yourself "doing the do" helps you see how you come across to others in a much clearer way. But its not just seeing the images, being part of the in depth process of designing the photoshoot and showing the world who you are and what you do, can help you realise just how awesome the business that you have created really is. So when you have a "wobble" this will give you something to remember that will help steady the wobble. Seeing yourself in the photos is how everyone else will be seeing you when you post, so you can be confident that they are seeing the real and best version of you. The "you" that you wanted to be when you visualised how your business would look and run.

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Whether you are a new business or an established one, time is something that is precious. Time is money as they say. You may find yourself in a position where your social media or website updates have to take a backseat because you don't have the time to devote to creating the content that you need. 

For instance... You need to fire out a quick social media post. So you have to clear the desk, sort the hair and makeup. Then take the photo a few times because you didn't like the light or there was something in the photo you didn't want there. Then you get interrupted, the phone rings, an email comes in. All this could mean that a post that would literally take a couple of minutes to do, ends up taking half an hour or so and you need to be somewhere, so you've ended up rushing the photo and because you are stressed its not the best. You might then end up not doing the post and heading to your meeting, then forgetting about it and potentially missing out on a new client. 

Having a bank of ready to go photos to pull from that are 100% on  brand for you, means that for a quick social media post all you need are the words to go with the photo. This saves you the time and the stress of creating that content, and means that you even have time for a coffee on the way to your meeting. In the long term it means that you can spend more time working in your business, than working on your business.

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