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December 10th 2017

I've made the decision to take my photography to the next level and move on from a hobby to trying to make some extra money for me and more.. I have taken the step to upgrade my kit inline with this change.. I (Son of Leòd Photography) am now the owner of the epic Canon 5D MkIV camera. I bought this along with a new lens to kickstart to the new level. Looking forward to where this ride takes me.. 

23rd October

Had a busy weekend last weekend, but didn't get out with the camera. 

I updated my "Adobe Photography" subscription to the new Lightroom and 1TB of online storage (upgradable) so had to sync all the photos (over 7000) from my existing Lightroom catalogue to the new online one.  Bonus means I can access all my photos in RAW to edit from anywhere. Even on my phone. Think that is going to be a really useful feature. 

Also finally sorted out the insurance for my camera gear and for me. Now that I am taking things a bit more seriously and have accumulated quite a bit of gear I thought it was time. The bonus with the cover I have is that I get world wide cover for up to 30 days at a time for all my gear, and I am covered with both public liability and professional indemnity. 

While syncing the photos, I was finding old motorsport ones that I haven't put on here due to the dates they were taken, so decided to create a "favourites" gallery on my Motorsports page. 

20th Sept 2017

Well its been a while since I wrote in here, really wish there was a better way to blog on SmugMug without having to combine a remote blog with the site, but hey ho. 

So I'm a few days back from my road-trip to the Isle of Skye for a week of photography in the highlands. Skye did not disappoint in anyway, even with the bleak weather there were so many opportunities for amazing photos, I must have missed to many because I was looking the other way at a fantastic bit of landscape. One thing it has done is really reignited my love for the outdoors just taking it all in and trying to capture what it is I am seeing. So much so I am already looking at options for another trip north before the end of the year and definitely a sort of repeat trip next year. Tho next years will involve a couple days exploring the highlands south of Skye then a few days on Skye then a few days exploring the highlands to the east before heading home via Edinburgh. (Told you I was planning and looking at options!) Another thing it highlighted was as much as my Benro Adventure tripod is a cracking piece of kit and is as steady as the Old Man of Storr, it can be a pain to carry when I am not sure I will be needing a tripod, and looking forward if I was on public transport going into London or suchlike for photography. So I am now looking at an addition to the kit, a Benro Slim tripod. Carbon fibre, 1Kg in weight and a tough little git as well. At £118 (including the head) its a pretty decent price as well. I may have one before the week is out....

I am also looking at doing another workshop (or two) to further hone the skills. There is one on Sunday in London but not sure if I have the money available for that right now.. not with a new tripod in the pipeline... 

13th May 2017

Well I picked up my new tripod/head combo today, picked up as Parcel Force decided to make life difficult and take the parcel back to Chelmsford instead of my local depot. That's another story tho.

So what is the combo, well its a Benro Adventure carbon fibre tripod mated with a Manfrotto magnesium ball head. Went for a 3 section leg tripod simply to get the thicker legs and more stability, packs down larger but with the long exposure photography I am doing I was more interested in stability than anything else. Didn't go for a Benro head as I took a liking to the Manfrotto one. Its light, can take 10Kg of load which is plenty for me, and its got a 10 year warranty! That's me now properly sorted for the Skye trip later in the year.

7th May 2017

Well another weekend spent at the parents caravan. Sadly the weather wasn't the best for taking photos.   I did get a few that I was happy with. Just a shame the sunrises and sunsets didn't actually happen. Add to that the really cloudy nights stopping my first try at getting a photo of the milky way.. was going to be right out over the sea!

I did get to try out my 10-Stop ND filter tho. That is going to really help with the creative side of my photos.

1st May 2017

Well I've spent a fun bank holiday weekend editing photos, adding galleries and tweaking and re-tweaking the site. Its now a lot more user friendly (and easier to maintain). It was a bit of luck the weather wasn't the best this weekend so that I could get stuck into sorting the site and not out getting more content.. that's next weekend. Oh and I'll be getting to try out my new 10-stop ND filter..

27th April 2017

Well I've finally got my head around how this site works, have to say I am very impressed with how simple it is once it clicks. Then its drag drop tag..

Another gallery now added with some images from Aldeburgh, and more images added to the existing galleries. You can see I am a big fan of sunsets..

I am going to try and add some of my motorsport images over the next few days.

26th April 2017

Started the creation of this new site to display my images from my various adventures