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Ice Driver Norway

Last year I was asked by friends who run Ice Driver in Norway, if I would visit them and take some photos for their website & social media. That was something I couldn’t turn down. So February this year I ventured out to see them at their base at Dagali Aiport near Geilo. 

The photos below are just a taster of the awesomeness that Ice Driver is.

But first what is Ice Driver.. well there are some important ingredients needed to make Europe’s Premier Ice Driving Experience possible. This is a recipe perfected by Andy & Alison McKenna (who happen to be two of the nicest people you are likely to meet) over the last 10 years and its a house speciality...

So you need...

A frozen lake in the incredible Norwegian winter wonderland of Geilo

A selection of carefully planned and prepared tracks carved into the snow and ice

A fleet of professionally prepared cars, BMW’s (Including a 3 series compact with a tuned M3 engine fitted.. yes I did say an M3 engine!!) a Ford Focus GpN rally car and a classic Porsche 911

A twist to the tyre selection, a special ingredient added by Andy to spice the dish

A team of highly professional and talented instructors, with the main goal of getting the best out of you to make your ice driving experience memorable and rewarding

A support crew of amazingness

A selection of fantastic soups for lunch and hot drinks on tap (well in a flask)

A large dose of fun

The end result of this icy cocktail is a driving experience like no other. While on the ice the team of instructors will gradually push you on as you start to get a feel for the cars and the ice leaving you feeling like a driving god, or goddess with the cars feeling like they are floating underneath you. A catchphrase that sticks is "fast hands, light feet" you need both.

You will come away from it having learnt a new skill, which will boost both your abilities and your confidence when the driving conditions take a turn for the worse, trust me on this I have used what I’ve learnt more than once!

To find out more about Ice Driver click here > AWESOMENESS  < you won’t regret it!