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You often hear "a picture is worth a thousand words" being said, I truly believe that a photo holds a thousand memories. One photo can be all it takes to make those memories flow back when you see it, that has happened many times for me. It's the reason I use "Creating Memories" as my business tagline because for me its not just about taking the photo, every time I press the shutter button I am in a way stopping a moment in time, and I want that moment to create a memory that will bring you happiness for years to come.

With Son of Leòd Photography my aim is to create a one stop site for all your photographic needs. Be those images and décor for your walls or as a gift, or photoshoots. While my focus had been on the pet and auto world, the appearance of the coronavirus has given me the opportunity to broaden my horizons and get stuck into learning new skills as well as adding to the ones that I have.


I am available for, and open to photoshoots of all kinds, pets, cars & bikes, food, you, in fact if you have a shoot in mind then please get in touch and I will happily discuss what options there are to bring that shoot to life. Drop me a message and lets start creating memories     

Canvas, Prints and more

For décor for your walls or as a gift, in my galleries you will find a huge variety of photos landscapes to race tracks and from squirrels to Ferraris. You can buy these directly from the photo just click the buy button for the options. Any problems, send me a message and I'll help out. 

If it's a canvas print that you want (I love these), I have recently started working with an fantastic new printer, there will be a new page coming all about the canvas wall art, but in the meantime contact me for prices and info. They are AWESOME!

Below you will see the links to the areas of my website. The galleries have all the photos from my adventures with my camera. The wall art galleries are a curated selection of my favourite photos and links the pet and automotive sections. Oh and the blog if you fancy a read...

All the photos are taken by me and are unique to my website.

Remember to look out for me on the social medias, this is where I post often with new photos, photo of the day, news and offers...

Search for Son of Leòd Photography and say hi when you find me... Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

Hope to chat to you soon. Alistair

Ford GT
Glencoe Lochan - Glencoe
Mallard Duck
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