Welcome to the home of Son of Leòd photography

I'm Alistair, a creative photographer with a passion for all things photography. I'm based in Essex, but my favourite place is behind the camera. I am always looking for that different viewpoint for my photos.

You often hear "a picture is worth a thousand words" being said, I truly believe that a photo holds a thousand memories. This can be a personal memory for you of your pet etc, or it can be a photo of a place you have visited, that just makes the memories flow back when you see it, that has happened many times for me. It's the reason I use "Creating Memories" as my business tagline because for me its not just about taking the photo, I want to create a memory that will bring happiness for years to come.

Below you will see the links to my pet and automotive photography services, as well as links to my galleries.

While my focus has been on the pet and auto world, the advent of the coronavirus has had me broaden my horizons and I am happy to discuss any photography that you may have a need for, please use the contact link and send me a message.

In my galleries you will find a huge variety of photos landscapes to race tracks and from squirrels to Ferraris. So there is something for everyone and every wall. All the photos are available as prints with cracking range of styles and options available, as well as keepsakes like coasters and mugs. To purchase a print or see the options just click on the buy button on the photo and the menu for these will be shown

All the photos are taken by me and are unique to my website.

Remember to look out for me on the social medias... search for Son of Leod Photography and say hi when you find me... Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

Hope to chat to you soon. Alistair