About me - Son of Leòd Photography

A creative photographer who always wants to learn more, by doing and studying. 

I got back into photography about 6 years ago, using a Fuji bridge camera. Mostly to take photos of another of my passions, motorsport. I quickly found that the bridge camera, even with its epic zoom just couldn't cut it with the fast moving cars. This prompted me to ugrade to a Canon DSLR starting out with the 600D, a great camera to learn the ropes with, I changed that in early 2017 to the Canon 80D when I felt I needed that bit more from my camera. In December 2017 I decided to push myself to another level and try to make a successful business (on a part time basis) of Son of Leòd Photography. With this change I really had to upgrade my kit to make sure I was working with the best quality images and a camera that would cope with my adventures, so made a purchase of the Canon 5D MkIV to be the main player in my kit, along with a new lens. Exciting times ahead..

Where my original reason for the photography was the motorsport, I have now been drawn into landscapes and capturing the beauty all around us, this has now led onto the long exposure photos. There is just something about taking these images that I find magical.

Well enough rambling, you'll find on here (and it will be regularly updated) photos from my various adventures, most of which will be available for buying as prints and more.. have a look..